Key Stage 2 – Year 5

Please click on the files to find out about some of the teaching and learning in year 5. ¬†The units will change and evolve in response to pupil’s interests and enthusiasm.

The files provide just a flavour of what is taught and learned, for further information please contact:

Mrs Jackie Haughin


As part of the Whittle School Guarantee, children in year 5 will also:-

  • have annual programmes of lessons to teach them how to keep themselves safe delivered by accredited KIDSAFE teachers
  • follow maps and routes in the local area
  • undertake peer responsibility
  • complete Food Hygiene training
  • visit a live theatre/orchestra/musicial
  • engage in series of well being lessons
  • participate in competitive events
  • be taught about Samba and how to play Samba instruments by a specialist music teacher.
  • undertake personal and safety awareness training – SRE, life education
  • visit a place of worship for another faith or have a visitor for the day
  • be taught by an Foreign Languages specialist teacher
  • take part in a large scale whole school art project- Across for the school 2016/17

All children are encouraged to have musical instrument lessons. We have music teachers for keyboard, guitar, woodwind, brass, strings and we have a music specialist who leads our choir. If your child wishes to take lessons, we have a number of instruments that we can loan for the first year Please speak to Mrs Cummins

Children in year 5 are encouraged to join our main school choir run by a music specialist. This year our choir is performing at the MEN with 7000 children from schools across the north west. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

The documents below have been updated Feb 2016. If you have previously downloaded them, there have been only minor alterations.