Key Stage 2 – Year 3

Thank you for visiting the Year 3 Curriculum Summary page.  We have devised our units in response to National Curriculum 2014.

The units only provide a flavour of what is taught and learned, so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Mrs Bidder and Mrs Ruffley

In addition, through the Whittle School Guarantee, children in year 3 will also:

  • have participated in annual programmes of lessons to teach pupils how to keep themselves safe delivered by accredited KIDSAFE teachers
  • participate in a team building day
  • develop questioning skills through practical, real-life experiences
  • work with experts to develop aspirations and understanding
  • apply basic skills to a creative focus
  • develop understanding of healthy eating and healthy living
  • manage their own homework tasks using a grid to plan their learning
  • take part in competitive events
  • either visit a place of worship for another faith or have a visitor in school for a day.

All children are encouraged to have musical instrument lessons. We have music teachers for keyboard, guitar, woodwind, brass, strings and we have a music specialist who leads our choir. If your child wishes to take lessons, we have a number of instruments that we can loan for the first year Please speak to Mrs Cummins

Children in year 3 are encouraged to join our main school choir run by a music specialist. This year our choir is performing at the MEN with 7000 children from schools across the north west. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

The documents below were updated Feb 2016. If you have previously downloaded these, there have only been minor changes.