School Premiums – Pupil / Sports / SEN

Please find below a list of our school premiums including, pupil premiums, sports premiums and SEN core offers.

Pupil Premiums

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Catch-up strategy Academic Year 2020-21

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Below is information about how we used our Pupil Premium Grant in narrative form.

Indicative amount for Academic Year 2020-21  £15450


Main barriers faced by disadvantaged pupils 

  • Need for a sensory curriculum and sensory breaks to ensure effective learning time
  • Support due to attachment difficulties- advice gained during monthly Educational Psychologist visits
  • Educational Psychologist support and advice regarding positive behavioural and engagement strategies
  • Need for nurture groups to ensure a positive start to the school day
  • School Inclusion Manager and Educational Psychologist required to assess pupil to gain an understanding of their barriers to learning supporting staff in ensuring most effective teaching and learning strategies.
  • Need for early language development


Pupils who are not eligible for Pupils Premium grant are also allowed to join the nurture groups that we provide as we feel that this is utilised on a needs basis and is regularly reviewed.

Our Educational Psychologist is also used for advice regarding non-pupil premium grant pupils and additional Education Psychologist time is bought in for other SEN pupils as required. No child would be excluded from access to this provision on the ground of social background.


SEN Core Offer

Please see our full Special Educational Needs section in the drop down that you have just used


Sports Premiums

Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium 2019-20