Our Flourish Curriculum

Our Flourish Curriculum for Nursery to Year 6

Our curriculum has been developed to teach skills, knowledge, curiosity and wisdom. Built into all we do is Christ and our support in enabling children to use the 4Rs in their learning and life. Children are encouraged to be Reflective, Resourceful, Resilient and to work effectively with each other- Reciprocal. During 2022/23, school will be introducing an additonal enrichment scheme to enhance our discreet teaching of the 4Rs. Work using Commando Joe resources will begin in September 2022.

We aim for children to be rooted in Christ and to flourish. As courageous advocates, we aim for all pupils to strive for positive change and believe that they have the power to make it happen.

  • Here you will find a list of subjects available to our pupils
  • The content of the curriculum for each subject
  • How you can find out more about the curriculum our school is following
  • The names of any reading schemes or phonics we are using in KS 1

Consultant Review of Curriculum and Subject Leadership

During Autumn Term 2022,  Barbara Dutton a consultant who has experience of inspecting many schools visitied us and discussed our curriculum with Subject Leaders.

View her report here

Whittle le Woods note of visit September 2022 Barbara Dutton

Whittle Hub

Children and parents can gain access to the Whittle Hub page and Learning Lounge using the link below. This contains Purple Mash, Mini Mash, oak national Academy and tools to help with Home Learning.



Our curriculum, although detailed here, is also tailored to reflect the interests of pupils.

Children are also encouraged to enjoy learning a musical instrument, enjoy sport, sing and enjoy drama. Instrumental lessons offered through wider opportunities and funded by the school: Year 5 Samba, Year 6 Ukulele.  School staff teach Glockenspiel Y2 and Y4, and the Ocarina in Y3. The school pays for a choir teacher from the Lancashire Music Service for pupils in Y2-Y6

Lessons offered to children through the Lancashire Music Service: keyboard, guitar, woodwind, strings and brass

Children are encouraged to take responsibility through the school’s numerous Councils/Forum and the roles of Head/Deputy Girl/Boy. In Year 5 and Year 6 children  attend a careers fair. Local business people and other professionals are invited in to answer pupil questions about their chosen careers biannually.

Equality Duty- Statement of Principle

Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School is committed to advancing equality of opportunity, eliminating discrimination and harassment and fostering good relations in all aspects of school life including in our dealings with the wider community and outside organisations.

Careers Programme Information.

Every other year, our Year 6 and Year 5 pupils participate in a careers fair. Parents and contacts come into schools to explain their profession/ job and what it involves. Children enjoy this very much as they have the opportunity to talk with visitors in smal groups and ask questions.

Lancashire Progression Documents: Reading, Writing, Maths


Maths and English Curriculum


Phonics at Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School is taught across FS (Pre-school and Reception class) and Ks1. Children are given phonic support in KS2 when it is required. We have used the Bug Club Phonics programme for a number of years and this is already accredited with the DFE. Phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (printed letters) are taught and children’s ability to segment words and blend sounds is developed.  Children are also taught ‘tricky’ words which cannot be sounded out. Phonics Bug reading books are selected for children according to the phonics phase within which they are working.

Reading Schemes

We have purchased a reading scheme, Phonics Bug, in which 100% of the words can be decoded for pupils working within and including phonic phase 5. Staff work hard to ensure the books children are given match their phonic development. Children bring home a book for adults to read to them and children are expected to read their phonics readers regularly at home as well as at school. Children can access Phonics Bug books online as well as bring home real books.

Bug Club reading books have been purchased for children across the school and these may be accessed online through the electronic version of the scheme. Not all of these books are decodable. Children are also encouraged to enjoy library time, taking books to read and share at home. We ask that these are returned regularly so that they can be changed for new library books.

The books we use come from:

  • Phonics Bug – Pearson
  • Bug Club – Pearson
  • Varied library books

Ebb and Flo books gifted to classes monthly

Every month a gift-wrapped book is presented to each year group. It is very exciting to unwrap the book and enjoy the surprise. We also encourage parents to buy a book as a gift for the class when it is their child’s birthday rather than giving out sweets. We do many other things to develop a love of books and reading.

Mathematics Schemes

We use a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. Reception Class to Year 4 follow the Maths No Problem scheme, which we find gives pupils a firm foundation in mathematics. Pupils in Nursery, Year 5 and Year 6 are taught using White Rose and other materials. We find this enables a higher proportion of pupils to gain a greater depth assessment at the end of Year 6. Lancashire KLIPS is used to ensure high expectations for our pupils.

The Curriculum For Each Subject

Class teachers lead a curriculum area ensuring National Curriculum coverage and progression. Subject leaders of the non-core subjects have compiled an overview of what each class will learn during their journey through our school. Please note overviews are set for each year to ensure coverage and progression but are flexible to include children’s interests and topical issues. If parents wish to have a copy of the overviews, please contact the school office. There are short curriculum maps and a grid to show what units are taught across for each year group within each year group section.


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