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Other Information for Parents

Please find attached a variety of important and useful information.

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Parent Forum

The Parent Forum year runs from January to January. This gives Reception parents a while to get to know each other ready for selecting a representative. Each class has a rep. and the Forum meets every half term to discuss topical subjects and school development opportunities. These discussions are shared with the Board of Governors when discussion policy and policy review.

School Uniform

Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School is in a time of transition with its school uniform. A new uniform was introduced in September 2016 for Reception children and pupils in all year groups were allowed to move over to the new style uniform if they wished. The new uniform will be worn by all children by September 2017 and includes:

Grey trousers/ tartan pinafore/ tartan skirt – tartan items should be purchased through the school office.

Grey socks/ tights

White poly-cotton collared shirt

School tie

Grey school jumper with red stripe and school logo- these should be purchased through the school office. Only pupils in Year 6 are allowed to wear a plain grey jumper in 2016/17 as this was the old Year 6 uniform. No other pupils in the school are allowed to wear these.

We encourage pupils to wear red coats as these help children to be identified while on school trips.

Some parents will qualify for half priced school jumpers and tartan items. Please speak to our school bursar in the office.



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