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School Governors

Please find below details on our school governing body and information about our experienced group of governors.

Governing Body:

Every school has a governing body consisting of a specific number of governors. Generally, governors fall within the following categories:

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors
  • Authority Governors
  • Co-opted Governors
  • Foundation, Partnership and Sponsor Governors

Our Governing Body is involved in all aspects of school life. They meet as a Full Governing Body once a term and in addition they also meet in sub-committees each term. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of expertise within our governor team: local government, faith ministry, local business, buildings, Quality Care commision, legal profession, Educational IT consultant, Educational Recruitment, Social services, Financial as well as experience from other educational establishments. We draw on the expertise of each member and the governing bodies of other schools to ensure that our school governance is as strong as possible. Frequently we share training with the governors of the other Alliance Schools as well as staff CPD and moderation of assessments and standards. The other Alliance Schools are: Lancaster Lane, Clayton-le-Woods CE Primary, Manor Road CP School, Westwood CP School, Clayton Brook CP School, St Bede’s Catholic Primary School.


Cllr John Walker Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor for many years.  Term ends  31 August 2020.

Foundation Governor, Member of Chorley Borough Council and previously Mayor of Chorley. Also a governor of Lancaster Lane C.P. School, Chorley


Ian Kearney, Vice Chair  

Foundation Governor since  1 September 2015.  Term ends 31 August 2019 (Previously a parent governor  until 31 August 2015 )

Director Northwest Play and Party Ltd and General Manager of Fit For Free Ltd


Rev Philip Venables  Incumbent      

Foundation  Governor since  taking up post. Term ends   February 2020

Vicar of St John’s the Evangelist also a governor at Clayton-le-Woods CE Primary


Tony Cliffe   

Foundation Governor for a number of years. Term ends  1 May 2017 to be re-elected June 2017 meeting

Tony works for the Care Quality Commission and has a child in the school


Alstair Davies   

Foundation Governor for many years .Term ends 4 October 2018

Solicitor AMS Solicitors


John Bidder

Foundation Governor  since 9 November 2015. Term ends 8 November 2019.

Foundation Governor, Owner/Director of Blippit IT company, husband to a teacher and parent of a pupil

Gaynor Simons

Foundation Governor since 9 November 2015. Term ends 8 November 2019.

Foundation Governor, a parent of two children in school

Deborah Metcalfe Headteacher  

Governor since taking up post 1 September 2014. Term ends 31 August 2018

Catharine Cummins

Staff Governor (Teacher EYFS) for a number of years. Term ends 15 September 2018

Parent of a child in school

Rosemary Trustam,   

Authority Governor since 1 September 2012. Term ends 31August 2020.

Integrate Preston, Locality Housing and Development Group

Craig Wheatley

Parent Governor since 23 November 2015. Term ends  November 2019.

Deputy Headteacher of a school in Bolton LEA. Parent of one child in school

Emma Last

Parent Governor since 9 November 2015. Term ends 8 November 2019.

Regional Director, Randstad Educational Recruitment and parent of three children in school

Bill Wilding

Associate Governor, Bill has voting rights on the Buildings and Finance Sub-Committee and at Full Meetings of the board of Governors.

Bill has been associated with the school for many years and his expertise has been within the building industry. Term of office ends 4 October 2018


Previous Governors

Linda Dunstan  Parent Governor Until November 2015

Janet Hanrahan Foundation Governor July 2015

Ian Whiteside Foundation Governor July 2015

Mik Green Foundation Governor July 2015

Governing Board Committee Membership

We have three main sub-committees that meet during the academic year as well as others like the Pay, Appeals, Appraisal and Chairs Committees etc (these may only meet once a year as a minimum):

Standards Committee (formerly Teaching and Learning): This committee reviews school data and the academic performance of the school, reviews policy relating to Teaching and Learning, staffing, the curriculum offered and school improvement priority.

Building and Finance: This committee is responsible for reviewing spending and allocation of financial resources as well as ensuring the Health and Safety of the school site. They are responsible for reviewing the fabric of the building.

Vision and Values Committee: This committee reviews and discussed development of our school as a church school.

Attendance at meetings of the Board of Governors can be seen below

Standards Committee  Autumn 2017:

T Cliffe, R Trustam, P Venables, E Last, C Wheatley, C Cummins, J Bidder, D Metcalfe

Finance and Resources Autumn 2017:

I Kearney, J Walker, D Metcalfe, G Simons, E Last, J Haughin Observer

Full Governors Autumn 2017:

J Walker, T Cliffe, C Cummins, A Davies, E Last, I Kearney, G Simons, R Trustam, D Metcalfe, P Venables, B Wilding, J Haughin Observer

Standards Committee Spring 2018:

R Trustam, C Wheatley, C Cummins, D Metcalfe, T Cliffe, P Venables, J Bidder, E Last, J Haughin Observer

Finance and Resources Spring 2018:

I Kearney, John Walker, D Metcalfe, C Wheatley, E Last, G Simons,

Full Governors Spring 2018:

J Walker, I Kearney, P Venables, C Cummins, T Cliffe, R Trustam, G Simons, E Last, C Wheatley, D Metcalfe, B Wilding, J Haughin Observer

Standards Committee  Summer 2018:

R Trustram, D Metcalfe, T Cliffe, C Wheatley, P Venables, J Bidder, Emma Last, Observer J Haughin

Finance and Resources Summer 2018:

I Kearney, D Metcalfe, J Walker, B Wilding, E Last, C Wheatley, Observer J Haughin

Full Governors Summer 2018:

J Walker, I Kearney, D Metcalfe, J Bidder, T Cliffe, C Cummins, A Davies, E Last, G Simons, R Trustram, B Wilding. Observer J Haughin (Deputy)

Standards Committee Autumn 2018:

R Trustam, E Last, C Wheatley,  C Cummins, D Metcalfe, J Haughin Obs

Finance and Resources Committee Autumn 2018:

I Kearney, J Walker, D Metcalfe, G Simons,  E Last J Haughin Obs

Full Governors Autumn 2018

J Walker, I Kearney, D Metcalfe, J Bidder, T Cliffe, E Last, G Simons, R Trustram, Rev P Venables, B Wilding. Observer J Haughin