Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Primary School like all other Early Years providers, delivers the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage, (EYFS).

By the end of the Foundation Stage, children will:

  • have had an annual program of lessons to teach pupils how to keep themselves safe delivered by accredited KIDSAFE teachers
  • explore and extend their learning in all areas
  • had a positive start to school life
  • found something incredible in the school grounds!
  • developed basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics
  • gain confidence in self-help skills
  • understand what good behaviour for learning looks like
  • formed new friendships within and outside their peer group
  • have a Y5 buddy
  • accessed lots of Wow moments with the natural world
  • performed in front of an audience

These are the themes that classes will follow. Please see the whole school subject overview to understand how each subject is discretely taught. Teaching is fluid and flexible; we incorporate children’s interests and topical issues alongside set plans.

Accessibility Plan 2021-2024

Equality Statement and Objectives

Early Years Policy 2022

Reception Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 – All About Me!

Autumn 2 – Let’s Celebrate!

Spring 1 – People Who Help Us – Superheros!

Spring 2 – Growing and changing!

Summer 1 – Amazing Animals!

Summer 2 – Fantasy – Including Traditional Tales


In Reception Class, Foundation Stage, we have introduced 100% decodable reading books to support children’s learning of phonics. They have a daily phonics lesson and will bring reading books, sound and word packs home.  Within school, we use Phonics Bug (Pearson) until the end of phase 5 then we use an array of schemes in colour coded bands across the older classes. There is also access to Bug club on-line with the reading scheme books as e-books for home reading.

Phonics scheme

Bug Club phonics –  an accredited DFE systematic, synthetic phonics programme.