Our Core Values

Our Church School

Our School is a loving, caring and inclusive place to learn.

A place where we always expect the best of each other and care for each other. We have a vibrant online community which you can find on Facebook. We are a Church of England School in foundation with St John the Evangelist and Clayton Brook Church. Our admission criteria results in pupils in our school having connections to a number of churches, some from different faith backgrounds and a large proportion with no faith background at all.

Our Church School

Our Vision Statement

Our Christian family leads and encourages everyone to:

  • Flourish; soar in faith and talents
  • Serve others courageously
  • Be excited and curious to learn

We do this within our safe, happy, diverse and nurturing Christ centred environment ensuring ‘all have life and have it to the full’
John 10:10


We are God’s children doing God’s work

As a staff, school leaders, church and community we aim to works together harnessing each other’s God-given talents to develop children who:

  • are keen to develop their talents
  • are academically equipped to take their place in the world
  • use the 4 Rs when tackling challenges-Reflection, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reciprocity
  • enjoy awe and wonder of God’s creation
  • know that they can have an impact on the world and the confidence to make it happen.
  • celebrate individuality, show respect and tolerance for others
  • know how to keep themselves safe
  • have the seeds of faith sewn within them through knowledge of the bible and spiritual reflection
  • know that they are loved

I have come in order that they might have life and have it to the full
John 10:10

Christian Values

Each half term we focus on one of our Christian Values. The teaching of these values is based on Bible teaching and all our work regarding these is ‘Rooted in Christ’.

During  2022/2023 the Values that we studied and celebrated through worship were ; Friendship, Hope, Endurance, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Trust

During 2023/2024 the Values that we  will study and celebrate through worship will be: Compassion, Peace, Justice, Fellowship, Wisdom, Humility

SIAMS Report 2017 OUTSTANDING Judgement

  • We were judged to be OUTSTANDING in all areas.

Our Church School


Ofsted Report 2017 Good Judgement

This was a short inspection and was part of a pilot inspection. Margot D’Arcy came to inspect the school. Under the pilot, the inspector needed to make a decision during the inspection if a change of grade would be a likely outcome and if so the inspection would be ended and a new full inspection would take place within two weeks. Margot D’Arcy felt that the school was likely to move from Good to Outstanding and suggested that she ended the inspection. It was the judgement of the school leadership that the school was at that point Good and therefore requested that the inspection should continue. The outcome of this inspection was a grading of Good and the school has enjoyed developing its provision further.

Ofsted Report 2023 Undraded Inspection

During this ungraded inspection, the lead inspector felt that if our school had had  a full inspection there was enough evidence for us to be given an Outstanding judgement. Therefore this school will be re-inspected with a full inspection 1-2 years from the date of this inspection. We continue to strive to provide the best possible education for children in our care.
Our Church School




We are all God’s children doing God’s work.

Our Senior Leadership Team

No member of staff is paid over £100,000 at this school

Headteacher: Mrs Deborah Metcalfe BEd (Hons) QTS NPQH  Cambridge University

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Jackie Haughin BA (Hons) PGCE NPQH Edge Hill University

Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs Tracey Holmes BA (Hons)  UCLAN PGCE

FS/Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs Rebecca Ruffley BA (Hons) PGCE Liverpool


Our Teaching Team

Earth Class FS: Miss Molly Grecic BA (Hons) QTS Leeds Trinity University

Mars Class Y1: Miss Kate Dillon BSC Manchester University PGCE Cumbria University QTS

Jupiter Class Y1 Mr Neil Moysey BSC Cumbria University PGCE Cumbria QTS

Saturn Class Y2: Mrs Rebecca Ruffley BA (Hons) PGCE Liverpool QTS

Year 3: Miss Lucy Beatty BA Law Hons Liverpool PGCE  Cumbria University QTS

Year 4: Mrs Fiona Eccles BA(Hons) QTS Edge Hill University

Year 5: Miss Lucy Eubank BA (Hons)  QTS Edge Hill University

Year 6: Mrs Tracey Holmes Edge Hill University BA (Hons) UCLAN PGCE Edge Hill University QTS

SENCO: Mrs Lindsey Bidder BA (Hons) QTS Lancaster University (and Pod teacher)


Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs Adele Ball NNEB

Miss Jennifer Bertwistle BA (Hons) Primary Education QTS Edgehill University

Mr C Day studying part-time BA Primary Education with QTS Edgehill University

Miss Eleanor Church BA (Hons) PGCE QTS Edgehill University

Miss Emily Cummins BA (Hons) QTS Early Years Education Edgehill University

Mr Michael Cummins BA (Hons) QTS Lancaster University

Mrs Gail Downs

Miss Joanne Fairhurst BSC (Hons)  UCLAN,  PGCE  QTS

Mrs Amy Farrow

Ms Sam Killick

Mrs Nicola Pope BEd (Hons) QTS Edgehill University

Mr Dan Porter HLTA  Studying part-time BA Primary Education with QTS Edgehill University

Mrs Julie McGreavy HLTA

Mrs Patricia Sumner


Our Pre-School Team

Pre-school Lead:    Mrs Claire Fleming BA (Hons) QTS MMU

Pre-school Manager:   Mrs Emma Steele BA (Hons) Education and Professional Studies UCLAN

Mrs Emma Sanderson


Our welfare team

Mrs Gail Downs, Mrs Amy Farrow, Ms Sam Killick, Mrs T Sumner, Mr C Day, Mrs N Pope


Our Office Team

Office Assistant: Mrs Gillian Chamberlain

Bursar: Mrs Janet Hanrahan


Our Extended Services Team

Mrs A Ball (Manager), Mrs P Sumner, Ms S Killick, Mr D Porter, Mrs J Flinn, Mr C Day, Mrs N Pope, Mrs C Fleming

Site Supervisor: Mr G Eccleston