Admission Information

Please find below a copy of our admissions arrangements, explaining how we consider applications.

This includes information on:

  • The arrangements we have in place for selecting the pupils who apply.
  • Our oversubscription criteria, for when there are more applicants than places.
  • The guidelines parents need to follow when applying for their child to attend our school.

Application for places in Years 1 to Y6 and Reception Class after Christmas

Parents should call the school to see if we have an available pupil place. We are only able to admit up to 35 children per year group as then we are considered full.

If we have a place available and more than one child needs a place, we will apply the oversubscription criteria within the admission policy for that particular cohort of children.

Applications for admission to Little Whittle- the school’s nursery

Please call the office to enquire about places 01257 262732 or email the office using


Appeals are heard at Local Authority panels, usually at County Hall in Preston. Dates for these hearings are arranged by the local authority independent panels then parents and school are notified of the date when it have been agreed. This process is run by the LA on our behalf and follows all statutory guidance

Visits to the school

We welcome visits to school from prospective parents. Open sessions are organised for visitors to have a tour of the school by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, frequently the Headteacher, and this will provide the opportunities for parents and carers to ask their questions while in a small group. The open sessions are carefully planned to fit around school events and busy times. They run from the beginning of September until the end of November, then again at the beginning of January before the application deadline. Parents/carers should ring the school office to book onto a tour.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not be able to arrange visits to school. Please contact the school office for information. We will be sending out introductory videos to prospective parents to provide information about life at Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School.

Little Whittle our Pre-School

Our pre-school opened in January 2020 and takes children from 3 years old. We aim to prepare pupils for primary school through a child centres practical curriculum. Please ring the school to arrange a visit.